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World class precision plastics engineering in Scotland.

For decades, All Axis’ engineers have served a multitude of industries with custom and off-the-shelf plastics machining solutions. Working closely with our customers we provide exactly what is required for the lowest possible cost. Our enviable reputation is built solidly around our specialist industry insight, knowledge, and excellence in customer service.

Customers rely upon our dependability. They benefit from our unfaltering dedication to deliver the finest precision plastics engineering solutions available anywhere, on-time. Precision polymer parts are the preferred choice across countless applications. Here we’ve included just some of the industries we work with.

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Aerospace & Defence

The many vital components that are required in the aerospace and defence markets typically require lightweight materials to aid fuel efficiency and decrease the associated environmental impact.

High strength to weight polymers and composites that have superior chemical, wear and temperature resistance are selected by our technical specialists to ensure the best and most cost effective solutions. Typical machined components include bushings, seals, stand-offs, gaskets and valves.

All Axis can explain the many advantages in choosing plastic components specific to the operational requirements of aircraft. For example, cost and performance benefits when replacing metals such as titanium and aluminium with polymer parts.


Oil & Gas

Oil and gas is one of the most demanding industrial environments imaginable. Industry applications rely upon proper production of robust parts and components that can stand up to the extreme temperatures, pressures, heavy loads, and abrasive chemicals expected in both exposed and submerged settings.

Intense and often unpredictable conditions can have an significant impact on safety and productivity, with real and sometimes disastrous consequences. All Axis has a depth of understanding and expertise gained from decades of working with valued customers in the oil and gas industry.

Oil and gas industry buyers trust All Axis to supply the speciality precision machined plastics parts, on demand, that will maximize the reliability and operational integrity of their infrastructures.

Oil Rig Offshore

Whether you’re sourcing off-the-shelf parts or have custom manufacture needs, get in touch with All Axis to discuss the ideal solution for your machinery, equipment and subsea requirements.

We make parts including sheaves; winch drum shells; ROV components; wear/slide pads; pipeline bundle skids and rollers; electrical connectors; cable clamps; flow meter components; seals & valve seats.

Read more in our Materials section about the high performance thermoplastics suitable a variety of oil and gas applications including PEEK, polyethylene, polypropylene, acetyl and nylon.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical

All Axis understands the critical importance of supplying only a proven range of fit-for-purpose engineering plastics to the medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. We machine plastic components for design and testing, research and development, and production purposes.

Customers can rely upon us to supply and validate only the highest quality medical grade materials for use in their critical applications. We work with proven engineering plastics such as PEEK, POM, UHMWPE and PEI and adhere to the distinct technical, regulatory and compliance requirements of a given application.

Medical device and other manufacturers in these sectors can be confident in choosing All Axis to provide a superior technical solution sensitive to the approvals and compliances required by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, and other neccessary performance assurance standards.



Replacing parts conventionally reserved for metals, engineering polymers, and lightweight reinforced thermoplastics (LWRT) components have increasingly found their way into the automotive industry.

These lightweight alternatives to metals, are known for not only improving various performance outputs, including speed and fuel efficiency, but for cutting vehicle emissions and costs dramatically.

Machined plastic solutions are driving forward quality in the automotive industry. An ever increasing supply of interior, exterior and functional parts including headlights, speedometers, bushes and bearings, bumpers and fuel caps are now produced in plastics including PTFE, Nylon, acetyl, ABS and PEEK.


Rail Industry

All Axis engineered plastics successfully enhance performance in a multitude of applications for the rail industry.

We partner rail operators in the supply of materials and components for ongoing maintenance challenges. We devise innovative ways to help OEMs meet cost reduction, technical and regulatory requirements. Talk to our engineers about our range of precision polymer solutions which include:

- Superior wear and noise reduction.

- Flame retardant and self-lubricating materials.

- Improved fuel economy from lightweight components (1/7th the weight of steel).

- Protection provided by rigidity and high impact strength.

- Extreme temperature and corrosion resistance across demanding environments.

- Supply of many grades, colours and shapes of polymers parts for machine parts inside and out.

- Parts we produce include bearing and brake bushings; electrical insulators, sensor protectors, and chamber protectors.

Forth Rail Bridge

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage production industry is heavily regulated and food handling has to comply with standards set by the FDA and others. Food grade specialty plastics must be specified to match the sensitivity of the environment. Component design must consider all points of contact in the production process with the aims of eliminating contamination and maximising hygiene.

Our customers in the food processing markets prefer advanced polymers parts for many reasons, including comparatively cleaner and safer characteristics over metal components.

All Axis offer short lead times for replacement of dependable plastic parts commonly requested in ongoing maintenance schedules. We’re also are on-hand to solve problems with innovative technical solutions when unexpected failures occur. We keep your plant’s costs and production downtime to a minimum.


We have a solution for whatever food processing part you require from chain guiders to plates; bushings and rollers to augers; plungers to valves and pistons; cutter discs to chutes.

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Applications for electronic and semiconductor components are found across the spectrum of climates on earth and in space. With so many variable environmental and industrial factors to consider, All Axis’ enviable plastics engineering experience helps customers navigate the many pitfalls that can cause a machined electronic component to not perform its intended function.

Electronics companies trust All Axis to specify engineering plastics that can withstand challenges presented by moisture, pressure, extremes of temperature, dust, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock, transient surges, and chemical corrosion.

We have the capabilities to machine both small, intricate and large custom-made plastic parts for OEM equipment manufacturers to the highest quality standards.


We are ISO 9001:2015 approved and can also accommodate specific quality and testing procedures required by larger companies.

All Axis creates world-class component-level engineering plastics solutions ensuring every electronic application’s design, function, and environmental challenges is properly understood from the outset. Our experience spans machining custom-designed, high performance plastic parts for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) processes, wafer handling, instrumentation, R & D, and final testing including polymer seals, liners, trays, wafer carriers, mechanical pumps, PTFE chambers, end effectors, rotors and so on.

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