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High precision rapid plastic prototyping capabilities

You’ll want to know the functionality, and look and feel of your design is spot on before you invest more time and money. All Axis can quickly turn CAD renderings into a reality by CNC machining prototypes in custom specified materials. We ensure quality, dimensional accuracy, and precise tolerances are achieved to match customers’ needs for analysis and testing.

All Axis’ high quality plastic prototypes are reliably fit-for-purpose instilling confidence in those tasked with making the crucial decisions about what, if anything needs to change.

Unforeseen problems can be identified at this stage, and design alternatives explored to reduce the risk of costly modifications later on. We have extensive experience of working with both simple and complex prototypes can help you re-engineer your design whatever is required. We are always sensitive to your design requirements whether you are first time entrepreneur with a new product or a multinational looking to drive down production costs. Getting things precisely right for you is our universal aim.

Let's work together to manufacture your big idea.